Posts by: Jesus Maria

"Children, each person that I send into your lives should depart from you a better person - a step closer to Me. This requires your appreciation of every present moment"

"When the soul steps onto this property, I know exactly what he needs most. Sometimes, it is the need to have his faith tested"

"It is not enough to proclaim a deeper love for Me, the soul needs to show this love by word or actions"

"Regard other races as My creations and opportunities to love as such. Do not let racism be a switch that clicks on hatred in your hearts"

"Children, this is an age when right is wrong and wrong is right. The undiscerning heart is easily tricked, as he does not look beneath the surface

"Please understand that every trial of man is foreseen by Me ahead of time. These occurrences hinge upon mankind's moment-to-moment decisions. The path of grace is always open if man chooses it"

"Attacking statues which represent historical fact is no different than attacking the Truth. Flagrant disrespect for the Constitution* undermines the stability of this nation"

"Children, you must realize that the way to bring this country* back to reality is the path of Truth. You must realize that there are evil forces deceiving those in power"

"The types of entertainment that appeals to the masses, the focus of media which influences all ages, the ways that people are influenced to accept evil, all of this is the subtle, yet, dangerous work of Satan"

"How different the world would be if consciences were searched throughout the day and made clean in My Sight. These days, little or no effort is made to please Me"