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 "You must not allow the greed and lust for power of some to take over the soul of this nation.  Your nation was founded upon an honest ambition to worship in freedom, not a desire to choose not to worship"

"I am going to announce the next date, now, as it fast approaches. It is with joy in My Heart I call all people and all nations to assemble here on Sunday, August 2nd"

"Children, it is My joy to welcome you here* on this special day of prayer. Everyone world-wide who is honoring My Call to pray with Me, today, is here with Me in their hearts"

"I must ask your cooperation, therefore, in practicing social distancing and wearing face masks. The prayer site is not immune from the air everyone breathes"

"All of man's technology which he depends upon will one day fail him. I am trying to show the world the way to My Heart before it is too late"

"The card, the Blessing and your faith combine to bring you great blessings on Thursday (July 16th)"

"Remember, the Blessing can be carried with you on the card, for I will have blessed the cards Myself. Treat the cards with reverence"

"There are questions already about the Holy Card. I can tell you some ask questions only to find fault. The card itself is an aspect of the Triple Blessing"

"Children, do not lose track of the present moment - each one is uniquely created just for you - each one brings with it it's own special graces"

"Children, when you come to the property* for one of My prayer days, treat each other with respect. Be polite in your efforts to receive the prayer card"