2021 Messages


December 31 2021 – "Where you see weaknesses, trust that My Strength will make up the differences. Let this be the general rule for the coming New Year. Do not allow fear to rule your hearts"

December 30, 2021 - "I tell you, solemnly, you will be given the grace you need even to endure the great chastisement. Let your focus be on a deeper personal holiness. This is My Call to you"

December 29, 2021 - "The measure of My Love rests greatly upon the most needy. Those caught up in the trap of materialism will never feel secure or be satisfied"

December 28, 2021 - "When you are close to the Mother, you are close to the Son, as well. Keep the pathways of communication open by confiding in Me your woes, your joys and what you spiritually aspire to"

December 27, 2021 - "What things can you change that would bring you closer to Me and more faithful to My Commandments? What are the areas of temptation to sin in your daily routine? "

December 26 2021 – "Children, in time, as it moves on, the season of Christmas is passing. I invoke you, keep the Spirit of Christmas in your hearts. This is the season of love of God and neighbor"

December 25 2021 – "All the conflict amongst mankind, all the new diseases, the poverty and man's general disregard for each other, is the bad fruit of disordered self-love"

December 24 2021 – "These days, My Will is reflected in victories as well as defeats. Every challenge is My Will. Every joy and disappointment leads the way to acceptance of My Divine Will"

December 23 2021 – "Today, children, is nearing the final day of preparation for the great feast of Christmas. Consider your problems and unresolved issues in your lives and in your hearts, and place them in the abode of My Paternal Heart"

December 22 2021 – "Wrap your hearts in Holy Love. Light up the world around you with your faith. These preparations are the most important and will have everlasting effects."