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January 19, 2021 - "Build your 'house' of personal holiness strong in the face of the destruction of the democratic soul of your nation"

December 4, 2020 - "If you do not know this, you can be tricked into thinking a One World Order is the unity I call for. It is not. I encourage your unity in Holy Love"

November 16, 2020 - "Evil presents its agenda as unity in a One World Order. This sounds good, but in effect it is the groundwork for the rule of the Antichrist"

November 14, 2020 - "Praise be to Jesus. My daughter (to the seer Maureen), the enemy of your freedoms - the liberalists - are trying to destroy the patriotism in the hearts of all Americans"

November 14, 2020 - "The lawless one desires the singular leadership of all people and every nation in order to lead every soul to his perdition. Do not lose track of your national pride"

October 15, 2020 - "Do not lend support to anyone who does not live in the Truth. That person will only lead you astray and usurp all your assets to his own advantage"

"It is outside agitators who are encouraging anarchy in your country and around the world. This is all preliminary to the One World Order which will usher in the Antichrist"

"Attacking statues which represent historical fact is no different than attacking the Truth. Flagrant disrespect for the Constitution* undermines the stability of this nation"

Soon, everyone will need to be identified as to their health status and relationship to this virus. Then, for convenience sake, this information will be offered in a "chip"

"Beneath all of the commotion of this virus, understand it is Satan's attempt to lead all people and all nations into a One World Order. He will use humanitarian reasons to unite people in what will be eventually the entrance of the Antichrist"