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"While civil laws remain open to debate, My Commandments are not. When people compromise My Commandments, they do not choose their right to save their own souls. This right can never be changed for any reason"

"Your true freedom is not to travel from point A to point B. Real freedom is the ability to unite to My Divine Will and thereby moving your will according to My desires"

"You are never abandoned by Me unless you abandon Me first. Confide your concerns to Me. I am listening and will help you to realize solutions"

"Seek Heavenly Wisdom which will guide you as to what you should and should not do. Do not trust merely what do you want to do. Through prudent wisdom, allow Me to guide you as to your recovery"

"I mean for you to respect the social distancing concept that is being promoted in the world. However, the property will still be open and available to those who desire to come here"

"Realize that when one cross is lifted in victory, it is very often replaced with another. Fortitude gives you the inner strength to accept all I ask of you in each present moment with holy courage"

"The virus threatens you physically. The desire to please only yourself threatens your soul and therefore the heart of the world. Casualties of both kinds weaken your nation."

"Children, it is always by the power of My Grace and through the workings of My Divine Will that situations change. When you pray, appeal to My Will by way of love-based prayer"

"Wisdom from above is the way to solve such a challenge to human life. [...] In My Merciful Heart is the grace of victory over this invisible enemy"

"All things and situations are passing. Knowing this, have hope in your hearts. Hope is belief in something you cannot see. You cannot experience the victory without first passing through the trials of the war"