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"Do not confuse safety with fear. It is one thing to take certain precautions, but quite another to lose your trust in Me. Through this profound trial, I am calling the heart of the world to be reconciled with Me"

"While steps to avoid the virus are foremost in the public mind these days, sin, which is just as deadly, is, for the most part, allowed to flourish unnoticed. The virus, which is certainly dangerous, can only take the mortal life. Sin, however, is capable of taking the soul's salvation"

"Assist one another, if only through encouragement. You know where this trial is coming from. Satan does not want you to persevere. He is hoping thousands will die in their sins"

"The virus can be avoided with great care. The symptoms have been identified and can be treated. The evil that covers the earth, however, cannot be so easily identified and therefore avoided."

"Look forward to the Feast of Our United Hearts on June 21st.* Then, with grateful hearts, await the great Feast of God the Father on August 2nd. The graces will be plentiful."

"Take Satan's attempts at disrupting this event as a sign to you of the importance of My Call to you to be united in prayer and to receive My triple Blessing. You will receive the same blessing - My Patriarchal Blessing, My Apocalyptic Blessing and My Blessing of Light - in August"

"Today, we must face the reality of this deadly virus - the coronavirus - which is now attacking this nation and others. The prayer event I called for on Divine Mercy Sunday is now in jeopardy because of this latest attack from Satan. We can more safely plan the imparting of My triple Blessing at a time when gathering here would not place lives at stake"

"As with every cross, there is a purpose and a victory. The purpose with the spread of this virus is to encourage mankind to be more dependent upon Me"

"The most effective way to expose Satan's work is to reveal it for what it is. He hides behind fear. These days, he is using the coronavirus as a means of striking fear in the heart of the world"