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Dear children, today I am happy to celebrate with you My liturgical birthday. This is the day the Church recognizes as My birthday, but as you know it is really on August 5

"Satan's discouragement is all around you. So too, is My mighty Hand of My Divine Will. Therefore, do not allow Satan to trespass upon the peace of your heart. Drive him away with your heart-felt rosaries"

"Man must seek through prayer to recognize My Will for him in every situation. My Will often does not match his own free will"

"Pray to Me first before you slip into Satan's traps of rash judgment and unforgiveness. I desire peace amongst all people and all nations"

"Pride is the root of all evil. Once you recognize the areas of pride in your life, you can come closer to Me through deeper holiness. This is what I want for all My children"

"Even those prayers said amidst great distraction or with little faith are worthwhile to Me. Do not allow Satan to tell you otherwise"

"Dear children, you do not see the dangers of these times, mainly because you believe the distorted propaganda represented to you as news. Much of what you are told is not Truth"

"When the soul steps onto this property, I know exactly what he needs most. Sometimes, it is the need to have his faith tested"

"Satan is even pulling souls from out of the world to form his own evil band of followers who are becoming more and more open in their evil efforts"

"Children, I want you to succeed in your efforts towards personal holiness. Prayer is your friend, not a chore. It is prayer which brings you closer to Me. It is prayer which repels Satan’s efforts to discourage you"