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October 26, 2021 – "Children, live your lives in a responsible way, always keeping in mind that you will be held accountable to Me for all your thoughts, words and actions"

October 22, 2021 – "No two souls are exactly alike or receive the same graces in the same situation. Every present moment is given in a different way to each soul"

September 25, 2021 – "Days pass into weeks and weeks into months. But earth continues in its mistakes sliding farther from readiness in accountability to Me"

September 16, 2021 - "Children, every soul ever born into the world goes through his life, passion and death. The choices he makes and his relationship with Me - his Creator - determines his eternal destination"

September 13, 2021 - "All things in the world which concern you will soon be passing. When you stand before My Son in judgment you must have your hands filled with good deeds"

March 30, 2021- "The sum total of all your days upon earth will be judged upon the depth of love in your heart as you lived out each day, I have given you"

"You are morally bound by My Commandments not to choose a candidate who supports abortion. To cast a vote for such a one is to vote in favor of murder"

“When the moment of judgment comes, the soul will be convicted in the Truth. Satan’s fog will be lifted and the soul will realize his erroneous thinking and the path of sin he has willingly followed"