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"Dear children, you do not see the dangers of these times, mainly because you believe the distorted propaganda represented to you as news. Much of what you are told is not Truth"

"Children, the best way to change the conscience of the world and this country in particular is much prayer and many sacrifices. You may not see the effects of your efforts but persevere and do not be discouraged"

Trust in My love for you.  In and through this love, I support you in good times and in difficulties.  I give you nothing that you and I cannot handle together

"Children, learn to depend upon the present-moment grace that often comes at the last minute to resolve the most difficult issues"

"Children, you must learn to depend upon grace to show you a solution when human affect does not. Nothing escapes My view, as I am Omnipresent and Omnipotent"

"If you love Me, you will easily see the plans I have for you and how they fit into your life. Your love of Me helps you adjust most courageously"

Soon, everyone will need to be identified as to their health status and relationship to this virus. Then, for convenience sake, this information will be offered in a "chip"

“Believe that I am always with you.  Your love of Me makes all things possible.  Your faith in Me lightens every cross"

"Do not test Me or lose faith in Me when you do not obtain what you want. I will provide your needs, but not always your wants. My Will for you is never wrong"

"So many favors and graces are lost due to this disregard for the Holy Mother and for the importance of the rosary. If souls do not understand the true depth of the graces which are attendant to the Holy Rosary, they lose direction on the path of personal holiness"