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December 15, 2020 - "Stand firm in your Christian ideals. Be united in prayer. Do not be discouraged, as changes affect your lives"

November 28, 2020 - "Let all your endeavors be grounded in My Will. That is the way to be a success both in this world and in the next"

October 30, 2020 - "The best way to accept what comes is to let My Will be responsible for the outcome of your choices- choices grounded in prayer and sacrifices"

October 18 2020 - "Children, rest in My Arms. Recline in My Heart. Do not let these troubling times take a toll on the peace in your hearts"

October 11 2020 - "I need your trust in My Intercession - in My Power to make a difference. The more you trust in Me, the stronger your trust in your own prayers"

October 4, 2020 - "Children, your life on earth is governed by time - hours, days and seasons. It is important to Me how you spend your time. That is what you will be judged on"

October 2, 2020 - "Do not waste time in worry. The present moment will never return to you. Every moment is a test of faith. Be signs of faith to one another"

"You will never be able to make your own heaven on earth. Certainly, you will never be truly happy by embracing free will as your god"

"For this reason and through these Messages, I call the heart of the world back into trust in My Provision and My Protection"

"Man must seek through prayer to recognize My Will for him in every situation. My Will often does not match his own free will"