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"Satan is trying to take over the heart of the world through politics. Therefore, pray for My Victory in hearts, so that he will not succeed"

"If you pray this prayer from the heart, all the pretentious promises of the candidates will be seen for what they are. The Truth of the impact of your votes will be made clear"

"I desire your unity in and through Holy Love which brings you to the Truth and is the embodiment of all of My Commandments"

"I have given the world My Blessing Card** as a means of deflecting untruth and underscoring the Truth. My Blessing is a means of discerning good from evil"

The test of the Truth is not even recognized. Untruth has been victorious in many areas of the heart of the world because the battle between good and evil is hidden from view

"As it is, much of the world today is governed by Satan's lies. This is how the world is now in the state of confusion it finds itself in"

"Children, you must realize that the way to bring this country* back to reality is the path of Truth. You must realize that there are evil forces deceiving those in power"

"Children, persevere during these times of strife amidst the pandemic, race riots and what is to come. Much has been orchestrated by Satan in order to discourage your President's reelection. The media grabs a hold of chaos and multiplies it in hearts"

"The soul, in order to reach eternal peace, must first pass through the needle of Truth. The eye of this spiritual needle is the soul’s own conscience, which must be convicted of sins and errors before he reaches worthiness of eternal joy"