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"Let there be peace in your heart and peace all around you - for what is in your hearts is then in the world around you. Be united in peace"

" Do not be tricked by political vocabulary. If the candidate proclaims to be a progressive, he is telling you to expect a loose conscience as to his concerns for the consequences of his actions"

"See that My Commandments are a sign of My Love for you as they are the structure of conduct you must follow and obey if you wish to enter Paradise"

"As it is, much of the world today is governed by Satan's lies. This is how the world is now in the state of confusion it finds itself in"

"Children, it is the enemy of your soul who seeks to destroy your strength in your heritage. It is the shared history of your nation which unites you and makes you stronger"

If you try to live your own 'truth' apart from My Commandments, you are living a lie. You must respect civil authority and not condemn all authority because of the actions of one or two persons

"It is outside agitators who are encouraging anarchy in your country and around the world. This is all preliminary to the One World Order which will usher in the Antichrist"

"Children, this is an age when right is wrong and wrong is right. The undiscerning heart is easily tricked, as he does not look beneath the surface

"Children, you must realize that the way to bring this country* back to reality is the path of Truth. You must realize that there are evil forces deceiving those in power"

"How different the world would be if consciences were searched throughout the day and made clean in My Sight. These days, little or no effort is made to please Me"