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"Just as My Triple Blessing grants the soul clarity as to the state of his own soul, today, I tell you, those devoted to My Triple Blessing will also receive clarity as to the state of world affairs"

You will be given the grace to believe and accept all I offer through My Triple Blessing, if your faith is genuine

"Remember, to obtain this Blessing Card makes you My disciple and asks of you an effort to propagate both the Card and the Messages"

"This can only be accomplished when greed is conquered and charity is victorious in every heart. Selfish rebelliousness has consumed the heart of the world"

"Given all the restrictions in the world in regards to travel, this is the best way to spread My Triple Blessing around the world"

"I am going to announce the next date, now, as it fast approaches. It is with joy in My Heart I call all people and all nations to assemble here on Sunday, August 2nd"

"Children, it is My joy to welcome you here* on this special day of prayer. Everyone world-wide who is honoring My Call to pray with Me, today, is here with Me in their hearts"

"I must ask your cooperation, therefore, in practicing social distancing and wearing face masks. The prayer site is not immune from the air everyone breathes"

"The card, the Blessing and your faith combine to bring you great blessings on Thursday (July 16th)"

"Remember, the Blessing can be carried with you on the card, for I will have blessed the cards Myself. Treat the cards with reverence"