Holy Love


"Faith, hope and love are the foundation and the building blocks of every good prayer and every solid prayer life. These three virtues come from My Heart"

"Children, realize that the entire human race descended from Noah and his family. This is an ongoing miracle. Every race exists today because of this miracle of life. Every law - every decision by leaders no matter their title or role- is the fruit of this ongoing miracle"

"If you love Me, you will easily see the plans I have for you and how they fit into your life. Your love of Me helps you adjust most courageously"

"In the end, all will be judged according to his acceptance or rejection of the Truth of My Commandments. Neither is free will an excuse to choose sin."

"The soul, in order to reach eternal peace, must first pass through the needle of Truth. The eye of this spiritual needle is the soul’s own conscience, which must be convicted of sins and errors before he reaches worthiness of eternal joy"

“It is by human effort and My Grace so many have been saved from the deadly virus which has been moving through the world population"

"Be wise and discern good from evil. It is not title or position that make a man worthy of belief - it is the Truth which he embraces or rejects in his heart"

Soon, everyone will need to be identified as to their health status and relationship to this virus. Then, for convenience sake, this information will be offered in a "chip"

The bad fruits of COVID 19: It has separated nations, people from one another and even man from God. Now, the world population is divided so it can fall most easily under a One World Leader

"Beneath all of the commotion of this virus, understand it is Satan's attempt to lead all people and all nations into a One World Order. He will use humanitarian reasons to unite people in what will be eventually the entrance of the Antichrist"